About Kritzer Design Studio [KDS]


Based in Seattle, WA, Kritzer Design Studio [KDS] is an award-winning product design and development studio specializing in crafting exciting new products that timeless, approachable, and innately different.


In short, we make products people want.

What We Do


We offer services in strategy, industrial design, branding, ad campaigns, and packaging.


Though other agencies offer the same services, we focus on creating products that are familiar but innately new – we don’t follow trends, we create them.

Why We Do It



A lot of product designed today is safe – which is not bad, safe sells – but it makes life boring and customers feel that. They end up buying goods they accept, rather than want. We strive to bring back want, and excitement.


Our designs stand out in the marketplace because they are different, beautiful, and desirable.

Our Process



For a product to be successful, we believe it must be useful, approachable, and connected. In other words, a good product needs to be always good Company.


Our secret recipe is based in creating comfort, usefulness, and wonder in everyday life. But our main ingredient is you. Rather than taking your idea and running with it, we make you an active member of the creative process.

Let’s Be Friends


When you are a friend and not just a client, something amazing happens. The process gets more run, more honest, and more real. In other words, it gets better — and so does the product.

Get In Touch


We’re excited to help you in anyway we can. If you have any questions, please write or call anytime. [email protected]

Michael Kritzer


Michael founded what is now Kritzer Design Studio when he moved to Seattle, WA in 2013.


Before founding the Studio, Michael worked for CP+B at One & Co. He has helped craft award winning products for Dell, Angel’s Envy, HTC, B-cycle, Bombay Sapphire, Domino’s, Burger King, Buell, Pearl Izumi, and others.


In 2017, Michael became a Lecturer at the University of Washington.