Angel’s Envy Bottle


Angel’s Envy Bourbon is a mix of old Bourbon process and new ideas. Named after the Angel’s Share, alcohol that evaporates during barreling, Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson came up with a way to shrink the alcohol lost during this process and bring it back to the consumer.


When it came to designing the bottle, we looked at bringing this mix of old and new into its form language to create a truly unique package experience.


The overall bottle design draws heavy inspiration from long forgotten 19th century Bourbon bottles but with a wider, more contemporary feel.


Also, a fun fact: the wings of the bottle were meant to be branded on a thin piece of wood set inside the bottle. When the wood would sit for long periods of time, the Bourbon would gain a stronger oak flavor. The FDA made this idea difficult, so the compromise was made to decal the wings on the back of the bottle.


The result is a Bourbon bottle that strikes a regal stance by paying tribute to bourbon’s history and being something completely new, a fitting analogy to Lincoln Henderson’s vision – one that stands apart on a bar shelf or retail counter.



Angel's Envy


Angel's Envy