B-Station & Docks


One of the fastest growing transportation options around the globe is bike-sharing.


When we started the B-cycle project, our goal was to make a class leading system that’s as easy to use as it is adaptable for cities’ needs.


With that in mind, we looked at the locking system, which happens to be inspired from an automobile rear hatch, and worked our way out, with no touch point overlooked.


Designed for both local and tourism use, the system is scalable and can work on city or solar power. Aesthetically, the B-Station system draws upon familiar transportation language, like the large “B” echoing mass transit iconography and the docks are modeled after bike racks, to make approachability easier and the learning curve less severe.


When using the B-Station, tourists can go to the kiosk to rent out a bike and members only need to wake the dock and tap their card.