Day Maker


Mornings can be tough and sometimes we need a little help. That’s why there’s the Day Maker.


Day Maker is an iPhone charger with a unique alarm feature. KDS helped design the experience behind Day Maker and its overall form language.


Day Maker was made with the realization that people are increasingly using their phones to wake in the morning, rather than alarm clocks. Though having your phone be your alarm has many advantages, the experience can be quite clumsy to the semi-conscious mind and accidents happen (like cancelling an alarm rather than snoozing).


For inspiration, we looked at a morning events people enjoyed, such as getting toast out of a toaster, and super imposing it to the experience of waking with an alarm. The result is much like having a toaster by one’s bedside but instead of a piece of toast pop when your alarm goes off, it is your iPhone. And if one is not quite ready to wake, the user can snooze on by pushing the phone back down, activating the app’s sleep function.


When it’s time to end the alarm, the user simply has to take the phone out of Day Maker.