Frogtown Packaging


A highly awarded Frog themed wine from the South? Yep, it’s true.


KDS helped Frogtown Cellars, a prolific winery based in Dahlonega, GA., create a brand mark and packaging system that’s as unique as a winery in the South.


Named after the Frogtown District of Lumpkin County, GA. the Frogtown frog’s silhouette is playful and engaging while not being too literal, which ties nicely back to the namesake’s heritage.


The logo’s detail allows it to be cropped in many different ways, as seen in on the labels and business cards. The different labels also look great lined up together, a nice incentive to buy more than one.


The label system is color coded as well. Red labels are for red wines varietals. White labels are for white wine varietals. And black labels are for wine blends.


Combining the different frog crops and color options creates a plethora of label opportunities, which fits nicely with a winery that makes so many unique wines.