Torch Router


For some parents, technology comes easy. For others, there’s the Torch Router.


The Torch Router is a wifi enabled hub and software system for parents who want to protect their children from the darker parts of the internet but don’t have the tech savvy to do so.


Having Torch’s mission statement in mind, we set out to design a physical object that was easy to understand, use, and approach.


Rather than being a stiff piece of tech that gets hidden in a closet or under a bed, the Torch Router is designed to be at home in the living room or kitchen, which – signal wise – are the best places for it to be.


By using real materials – like maple veneer – and soft, submissive form movements, the Torch Router is comfortable being left out in the open, whether on a coffee table or on the kitchen nook. The center even has a divot, that’s perfect for a remote, keys, change, or an action figure.


Also, the router is easy to understand. Rather than having many blinky lights, Torch only has one light, called the “Light Ring.” When on, it says the “internet is available.” And when it’s off, it says “the internet is off.”